Rabbit Ring


It’s best if your bracelet fits snugly.

We suggest that you measure your wrist with a flat measuring tape.
Wrap it tightly around your wrist, get the measurement and round up approx. 2.5 cm or 1″ to find your perfect size. If you are using a rope to measure your wrist, it’s not necessary to round up.
With that being said, we offer the following sizes:

S 17,7 cm 7"
M 19 cm 7,5"

The Chinese believe that your birth year can influence your health, wealth and love, all guided by your zodiac. Inspired by nature, the twelve zodiacs are represented by an animal, each unique in its personality and traits. Embrace your inner animal and wear your destiny with pride!

Peace loving and intelligent, who doesn’t want the precious energy of a Rabbit in his life? Rabbit will help you achieve more serenity in your life.
We offer this Rabbit ring in sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil. It comes in two sizes. Want a different size? Contact us at info@mariakooistra.com.