Tiger Ring


It’s best if your bracelet fits snugly.

We suggest that you measure your wrist with a flat measuring tape.
Wrap it tightly around your wrist, get the measurement and round up approx. 2.5 cm or 1″ to find your perfect size. If you are using a rope to measure your wrist, it’s not necessary to round up.
With that being said, we offer the following sizes:

S 17,7 cm 7"
M 19 cm 7,5"

Empower your own fortune by wearing your inner animal. Each of the twelve zodiac animals has a unique set of characteristics that guide the way your live your life, whether its your health, wealth or love.

Charismatic and courageous is the Tiger. Wear this ring for extra power and confidence!
Seemingly simple, Maria Kooistra’s Tiger ring relies on excellent standards of craftsmanship to achieve this vintage yet contemporary look. It is crafted from sterling silver or 18ct gold vermeil, and comes in two sizes.

Need a different size? Email at info@mariakooistra.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.