What's my sign?




The Rat person is usually a bright, fun-loving and sociable character. Occasionally, you may come across a supercritical or grouchy, fault-finding one. But on the whole, he enjoys parties and other large gatherings. He will endeavour to join exclusive clubs and as a rule can be found in a close circle of friends of fellow conspirators. He is very outgoing and likes getting involved. How else is he going to be in the thick of things and amass all that information he has about everyone?


The Ox symbolises the attainment of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. A person born during this year will be dependable, calm and methodical. A patient and tireless worker, he sticks to routine and conventions. Although he is generally fair-minded and a good listener, it is difficult to persuade him to change his views as he is stubborn and often has strong prejudices.



In Eastern culture, the Tiger symbolizes power, passion and daring. A rebellious, colorful and unpredictable character. He commands awe and respect from all quarters. This fearless and fiery fighter is revered as the sign that wards off the three main dangers to a household: fire, thieves and ghosts.


The Rabbit is the soul of graciousness, good manners, sound counsel, kindness and sensitivity to beauty. His softspokennes and graceful, elegant way embody all the desirable traits of a successful diplomat or statesman. A person born under this sign will lead a tranquill life as he will opt to enjoy a peaceful and congenial environment.



The Dragon person is magnanimous and full of vitality and strength. To him, life is a blaze of colors, and he is constantly on the go. Egotistical, eccentric, dogmatic,whimsical or terribly demanding and unreasonable, he is still never without a band of admirers. Proud, aristocratic and very direct, the Dragon-born establishes his ideals early in life and demands the same high standards from others that he has set for himself.


Philosopher, theologian, political wizard, wily financier- the Snake person is the deepest thinker and the enigma of the Chinese cycle. He is endowed with an inborn wisdom; he’s a mystic in his own right. Graceful and soft-spoken, he loves good books, food, music and the theater; he will gravitate naturally toward all the finer things in life. The most beautiful womand and the most powerful men tend to be born under this sign.



A person born in the Horse’s year will be cheerful, popular and quick-witted although his changeable nature may cause him to be hot-tempered, rash and headstrong at times. The unpredictable Horse native will fall in love easily and may fall out of love just as fast as he follows his capricious heart instead of his head. Earthly and warmly appealing, he is very perceptive, talkative and has raw sex appeal rather then straight good looks.


The sheep is the most feminine sign of the Chinese zodiac. A native of this year is called the Good Samaritan of the cycle. He is righteous, sincere and easily taken in by sob stories. He is likely to be mild-mannered, even shy. At his best, he is artistic, fashionable and a creative worker. At his worst, he tends to be easily overcome by emotions, depressed and withdrawn.



In the Chinese zodiac, the Monkey is the sign of the inventor, the improviser and the motivator, a charlatan capable of drawing everyone to him with his inimitable guile and charm. Being the quick-witted genius of the cycle, he is clever, flexible and innovative. The Monkey can solve intricate problems with ease and will be a very fast learner. He can master anything under the sun and usually has good linguistic aptitude.


The Rooster, or Chicken as he is also called, is the Don Quixote of the Chinese Cycle. The dauntless hero who must look to the earth to survive, he is the most misunderstood and eccentric of all the signs. Outwardly, he is the epitome of self-assurance and aggression, but at heart he can be conservative and old-fashioned.



The Dog may be the most likable sign in the Chinese horoscope. A person born in the year of the dog is honest, intelligent and straightforward. He has a deep sense of loyalty and a passion for justice and fair play. A Dog native is usually animated and attractive and will exude sex appeal. Generally amiable and unpretentious, he will know how to get along with others and is not too demanding.


This is the sign of honesty, simplicity and great fortitude. Gallant, sturdy and courageous, a person born in this year will apply himself to an allotted task with all his strength. You can rely on him to see it through. Outwardly, he may appear rough-hewn and jovial, but scratch the surface and you find pure gold.